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Life Insurance & Long-Term Disability

JSD New York Life Website

New York Life Basic Life & AD&D - 100% District Paid

Employee Life Insurance & AD&D $50,000
Spouse/Child(ren) Life Insurance & AD&D $2,000

Voluntary Supplemental Life - 100% Employee Paid
All NEW HIRE employees can enroll in up to $300,000 or 5x your annual salary, your spouse can enroll in up to $50,000 and Children $10,000 on a guaranteed issue (GI) basis. That means you will not have to answer any health questions!
You are eligible to apply for up to 5 times your salary but any amount of the GI will require you to complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form and will be pending until approved by NYL.

Coverage Benefits Increments
Employee Voluntary Life Insurance 5x salary to a maximum of $500,000 $10,000
Spouse Voluntary Life Insurance Not exceed 50% of the Employee's Supplemental Coverage amount up to $250,000 $5,000
Unmarried Dependent Child(ren) Life Insurance $2,500, $5,000, $7,500 or $10,000 -

For more information and rates, please view the Life Insurance Plans.
Examples of rates for a $100,000 policy:
Age 25: 100 x $0.06 = $6/month
Age 50: 100 x $0.22 = $22/month

Life Insurance Beneficiary FAQ's

New York Life Long-Term Disability - 100% District Paid
66 2/3% of gross monthly earnings.
For more information, please view the Disability Insurance Plan.